Erectile Dysfunction

The Problem:

Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to get or keep an erection sufficient for sex.  The most common causes are low testosterone, impaired nerve communication, or poor circulation.


The Evaluation:

Looking at your medical history, especially if you are taking any medications that might affect your erections is vital.  A physical examination will be performed.  Checking your testosterone level as well as your estrogen level is important.  If you haven’t tried Viagra, Cialis, Stendra, Staxyn, or Levitra, you will be given the opportunity to.  An ultrasound of the penis may be recommended to look at how the blood flows in and out of the penis.


The Solution:

To discuss the solution, one must first know what is causing the problem.  An in depth look at this can be found here.  We must also know your expectations; do you have sex once in a while and it’s not that important?  Or do you want to restore your sex life to one of spontaneity and durability?   Here are some options: medications, injections, vacuum pumps, “cock rings”, and surgery.  All of these options have advantages and disadvantages.  We will work together to determine which of these options is best to help your problem and which is the best for your lifestyle.


This evaluation is super easy and I can tell you that you don’t have to suffer.  We can restore your erections and give you back that part of your life.   We do the most penile implant surgery in Arizona and we are in the top 5% in the country.  I would love to help you with this!
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