So This A Good Thing, Right?

Confidence in the economy has improved as illustrated by a recent report by the US Department of Commerce and the National Restaurant Association: Americans are spending more at restaurants and fast food than on groceries for homemade meals.  And if the average restaurant meal costs three times as much as a homemade meal, we must all be making more money so we have that much more to spend eating out, right?

Here’s an interesting project for you if you have a few extra minutes to surf the web.  Look up obesity rates (or heart disease or diabetes or cancer or anti-depressant use) by country.  Now look up time spent cooking homemade meals and/or percentage of budget spent on groceries.  I don’t think anyone would be surprised to find an inverse relationship here: the fattest and sickest countries tend to spend less time eating family meals and spend less time preparing those meals.

I am a Urologist in Phoenix, AZ, and I see a lot of men with erectile dysfunction and low testosterone.  But don’t make an appointment with me if you want the easy way out.  If you just want a prescription for Viagra or Cialis or testosterone, you are not going to be happy with me: go to a testosterone clinic.  In my practice my patients will hear about the relationship between insulin and testosterone.  And testosterone and blood flow to the penis.  And obesity and testosterone.  Want to learn more?  Please feel free to make an appointment so we can get you on the road to your optimal health.

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